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Physical Therapy

Jane’s Success Story

Stephan’s Success Story

Murray’s Success Story

“While playing basketball, I turned to sprint up the court. Pop! I thought someone had kicked me hard in the right calf, but nobody was near me. One more step and I knew I was hurt pretty seriously. As it turned out, I had a tear in my right calf which left me on crutches and off the court. Physical therapy started out slowly. I was quiet swollen and my range of motion was seriously diminished. Every every visit, through, I left feeling better physically and encourage for my future. Now about seven weeks later, I’m back on the basketball court playing at 100%. My leg (both legs, actually) is stronger and more flexible than when I started. I feel great!”



“I feel good & the back feels good! Advantage Physical Therapy works and I thank them 4 the good work the back is all to the good!”



“I injured the lower left side of my back and was in excruciating pain. My doctor gave me some meds and exercise ideas but I was still in pain. My first 6 weeks (2x’s a week) of physical therapy I noticed some improvement, but I still had pain. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the time for another six sessions, but I decided to do it. I noticed little by little improvement and I am able to go through my game relatively pain-free. If I do have pain, it goes away within 10-15 minutes. I am able to dress relatively free from pain. If I continue my stretches at home, I am confident overtime that I will be completely pain-free. I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to go through the physical therapy program. The staff at Advantage Physical Therapy are professional and friendly-down-to-earth. So glad I am able to go about doing “normal” things again.”



“I am very happy with results of the treatment received by Blayne. On my first visit, she took the time to understand my condition and she explained in detail (and pictures) the exercises I needed to perform how often and why. She was available understanding and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend her treatments to anyone who would like an alternative to surgery. Very happy with my results. Thank you, Blayne.”




“I just want to take a moment to thank Advantage Physical Therapy for helping our company prevent and reduce the number of work related injuries. Universal Sodexo started using your services to screen potential employees and staff since 2005 and since then have gone two years without a lost time incident. By using your program of evaluation we have been able to provide our off shore employees with a safe working environment.

We greatly appreciate your haste and meticulous attributes when it comes to our employes who find themselves among the few who do unfortunately get injured on the job and our pre-employment screening results I look forward to continuing our business with you.”

Operations Supervisor
Universal Sodexo


“Prior to teaming up with Advantage Physical Therapy for pre-employment physicals ICS had two previous employees who accepted positions knowing they had pre-existing conditions that would inhibit their ability to perform the required tasks in the positions accepted however neither employee disclosed this to ICS. One employee in particular had not ever received a release to return to work from his physician and was still considered unfit for duty. Once employed each employee claimed they were injured at work, suspect but impossible to prove, ICS now was responsible for their existing conditions. After years of litigation both cases were settled and ICS was responsible for more than $500,00.00 not to mention the impact on our EMR and TRIR. Since ICS has partnered with Advantage Physical Therapy in 2008 we have been successful in identifying potential hiring risks and has enabled us to avoid any claims or litigation to date.”

Instrument Control Services


“I wish to thank you and Advantage Physical Therapy for all of your help with implementing our Post Offer Testing for new hires and our Functional Capacity Testing For Employees returning to work from injury time off.

You and your staff have been instrumental in our ability to hire and maintain employees at a high level of employment. We have been able to assess and mitigate undo risk from the beginning and are better equipped to help our recovering injured employees return to a safe working environment. We appreciated you coming on-site to witness the specific jobs each department does and creating a functional and appropriate test to ensure their safe return to work.

Your staff is always happy, helpful, and willing to go that extra mile to make sure we are able to schedule appointments to possibly bring back our employees after an injury. Your thorough testing has ensured we do not injure our employees further by validating they are capable of proceeding with their normal duties.

We appreciate all that you have done for our company and look forward to a long happy future with Advantage Physical Therapy.”

Arcturus Manufacturing Corporation