Total Motion Release (TMR)

What is TMR?

Our Total Motion Release Technique takes an nontraditional but effective approach to Physical Therapy. It allows the body to naturally re-align and heal, which proves to be more effective. The Total Motion Release Technique provides almost instant results and relief to your aches and pains. Once you’ve grasped the concept, you have a lifetime tool to help treat your pains and discomforts.

When you have pain in your right shoulder it makes sense to treat your right shoulder, correct? At Total Motion we make this statement incorrect. Instead of treating motions that cause pain in the aching right shoulder, Total Motion uses a little known secret of treating pain free motions in the left shoulder. This causes a re-aligning of both shoulders and alleviates your pain.

At Advantage Physical Therapy we use traditional hands on approach along with TMR techniques to create a comprehensive treatment plan. We create a custom treatment strategy to get you back to the things you need, want and love to do in life.

Learn How to Do TMR

Part of Physical Therapy, is educating you as the patient. After discharge from therapy you should take what you learned about your body and continue to apply it safely so that you can stay out of pain.

We offer a TMR after therapy exercise program as well as a TMR education program. This allows you to stay in touch with our staff as well as increase your ability to be independent.