Physical Therapy

Advantage’s Prescription for Fitness is designed for overall health and wellness with attention and appropriate guidance given to areas of concern or weakness. In addition to treating chronic and acute injuries, assisting individuals in very directed, specific plans. A safe exercise program is given with primary focus to particular concerns of osteoporosis, sport specific enhancement programs, and pre/post natal concerns. Best of all, the supervised gym exercise programs are monitored by a physical therapist.

For the Individual

Advantage Physical Therapy provide excellent rehabilitation through a unique and caring manual therapy approach. Recovery from a recent minor aggravation or chronic severe problems is of utmost importance because each affect the individual’s lifestyle and productivity. The staff focuses on specific problems using manual therapy, soft tissue and joint techniques, education and a structured specific exercise programs that exceed the results from use of equipment only. Advantage Physical Therapy’s goal is for each individual to understand how to care for themselves. The Advantage Consultation and Education Service (ACE) reaches far beyond any system you’ve encountered in health care. This educational service is provided at no charge in a caring and personal way to fully analyze your needs and provides the basis for your care. We will coordinate with your physician to make a genuine difference in your health and lifestyle.

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Woman’s Health

APT addresses both Women’s and Men’s health across their lifespan. At each stage, they are faced with problems that interfere with optimal function. Whether it is a weak “leaky” bladder, pelvic pain, osteoporosis, pain before or after the delivery of a child, physical therapy will help the client to a happier, healthier, and more active life. There are answers to these problems, just ask. For the men, we provide treatment for a full range of diagnoses of physical difficulties that typically affect men of every age.

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Whether the client is an individual, small business, or large corporation, a safe, healthy workforce impacts the bottom line. Advantage Physical Therapy offers progressive, proactive solutions to companies in various ways:

  • Job Ergonomics,
  • Job site Analysis,
  • Preventative and Post Injury Management,
  • Back Schools for Supervisors and Employees,
  • Drug Testing,
  • WorkSTEPS Employment Testing and Screening,
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations, and
  • Return to Work Assessments, and Fit Mask Testing

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