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Gait Training at Advantage Physical Therapy, Kalamazoo, MI

A lot of individuals think, since walking has become part of their everyday lives; it would be ridiculous seeking someone to begin teaching them how to move their feet after recovery from an injury.

Sadly, most of the time, spine-related injuries severely affect walking mechanics and may result in more severe disabilities if not properly handled with effective fitness training. Walking mechanics or gaits gradually deteriorates as one age whether or not there is an injury. However, at Advantage Physical Therapy in Kalamazoo, MI, we have experienced and well trained physical therapists that can help you handle your gait-related issues with physical therapy and fitness training

What is Gait?

Gait is the pattern of the movement of the limb; running, walking or stepping. This pattern is more specifically referred to as a list of rhythmic, calculated movement of the limbs and trunks which cause the body to move in a forward progression.

How Can Gait Be Evaluated with Physical Therapy at Advantage Physical Therapy in Kalamazoo, MI?

Our physical therapists visually observe a patient’s movement on a treadmill or to and fro a long hallway. With a treadmill, our physical therapists will carefully monitor the speed and make other close observations. If needful, we could carry out a video recording of the walking or running exercise.  After the recording, we may reduce the playing speed, reverse or repeat the video (as need be) in the course of a physical therapy session, to enable us to conduct a well-detailed evaluation of gait.

Our certified physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy in Kalamazoo, MI, will start with gait assessment which includes symmetry of the gait cycle, walking base, cadence as well as step and stride length. Symmetry is a very core aspect of gait. The movement of a part of the body ought to reflect the flow of the other part of the body. For foot placement, foot impact, step length and arm swing, the movement on the right side should be similar with that on the left.

Most often, when an injury occurs, there is a substantial effect on the opposite side. The average human is estimated to take between 10 to 15,000 steps daily, increasing the impact of a foot by an added force of 10 Ibs. per step. This can increase the extra effort made by that leg to about 75,000 lbs. daily. Little wonder why malfunctioning gaits usually result in more injuries.

Another familiar gait deviation is foot placement. A patient who finds it difficult to control where he lands his feet may have severe neurological or hip muscle weakness problem.

A lot of these gait deviations can be compensated for or treated with appropriate physical therapy and fitness training. We have experienced physical therapists in gait training and evaluation. However, if this is left unattended to, severe gait deviations may cause injury.

Make that first leap and consult our physical therapists in Kalamazoo, MI, for a gait assessment; this is a significant step in the right direction to get back stronger and better.

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