Physical Therapy in Pain Management at Advantage Physical Therapy, Portage MI

Whether the pain you are experiencing is as a result of arthritis, cancer treatments or even an old injury, one ought to find a means to control and treat the pain. Pain is an indicator of a problem in the body, and it should be dealt with quickly.

Advantage Physical Therapy Portage, MI, aim is to ensure that every individual regardless of their age and gender deserves to live a healthy and fit life for an extended period.  Here at Advantage Physical Therapy Portage, MI, our trained physical therapists provide treatment for most orthopedic injuries that include back, neck in addition to shoulder pains that result in tremendous measurable improvements.

Our priority is to treat our patients with our most efficient services and ensuring that such illnesses do not occur again.

Our physical therapists in Portage, MI, specialize in all forms of pains that affect our patients. We also advise our patients to resist the urge and tendency to resist physical movements during grief. Physical therapy is highly recommended for the purpose of treating chronic pain in addition to; Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, chronic headaches and also rheumatoid arthritis.

Our physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy in Portage, MI, are trained to give our patients the utmost needed attention in such areas using our well-advanced technology and wide vast of knowledge and experience. Our mission and vision are to provide our chronic patients with the will and power to regain their mobility and strength to be able to carry on with their day to day activities.

At our health facility, our physical therapists in Portage, MI, offer a wide variety of pain management tactics which include:

  1. Providing well-advanced massages.
  2. Manipulation of joints together with bones.
  3. Advanced cold laser therapy to ameliorate inflammation and pain. As a result, release endorphins.
  4. Aiding in movement therapy and exercise.

At Advantage Physical Therapy in Portage, MI, our specially trained physical therapists work closely with our patients to comprehend and familiarize with every patient’s discomfort and pain with the sole aim of determining the cause of the pain and ultimately find ways and means to manage it. Our health facility ensures that each patient is attended by the same doctor at each visit during the recovery process.

The physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy in Portage, MI, are knowledgeable with the ways of managing chronic pain through exercising the patients during their treatment progress so as to increase their:

  1. Muscular strength.
  2. Persistent pains.
  3. Stability of the joints.
  4. Furthermore, increase their flexibility in the joints and the muscles.

The physical therapists in Portage, MI, advocate for regular exercise programs by their patients to help manage and later control chronic pain. Consistent therapeutic exercise aids in maintaining the ability to move and hence function physically to avoid cases of disability caused by the chronic illnesses.

It is our top most priority at Advantage Physical Therapy, Portage, MI, to ensure that our patient’s chronic pain management is treated to less crucial manageable pain.

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