How We Treat Degenerative Disc Disease at Advantage Physical Therapy, Kalamazoo, MI

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is used to categorize a group of severe back conditions. Ankylosing spondylitis and spinal stenosis are some of the types of infection that can cause degenerative disc disease.

Osteoarthritis of the spine is a leading cause, and it usually brings about severe pains. The pain felt by patients with osteoarthritis of the spine are caused by inflammation and irritation of the vertebra as a result of disk compression. Tiny calcium stones are formed on the spinal column as the spine tries to heal. Severe attacks will follow, and then the spinal column becomes immobile.

Osteoarthritis which leads to generative disc disease may leave patients with severe pain and difficulty. Nevertheless, we have physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy, Kalamazoo, MI, with solid years of experience in the treatment of degenerative disc disease. It is critical to know what degenerative disc disease is, as well as the available treatment options.

Research reveals that older adults are more prone to degenerative disc disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease

Symptoms for DDD vary from one individual to another, but they usually come in similar patterns:
  • Midline pain
  • Reoccurring minor back pain
  • Stronger pains when bearing weight than when lying down
  • Physical activities aggravates pains

Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease

At Advantage Physical Therapy, Kalamazoo, MI, we prescribe the following for the DDD treatment:
  • Medication

Medications like anti-inflammatories and pain killers will help relieve the pain. However, these drugs do not fix the cause; it only offers temporary relief.

  • Spinal Surgery

Fusion usually takes a long time for recovery, even though the outcome is not reliable. Our physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy in Kalamazoo, MI warn that all surgical interventions are highly risky and may cause further complications in the long run. However, in some severe cases, surgery may be the only viable option; after all other measure proves abortive.

  • Chiropractic Interventions

This approach may increase the motion pace of the spine, relieve the pressure on the nerve, reduce tension on muscles, and normalize blood flow. The risk associated with chiropractic therapy is relatively small and most times yields good results.

  • Massage and Ultrasound

This method can help reduce tension on the muscles and help with the blood circulation.

  • Recommended Workouts

Physical therapists in Kalamazoo, MI, will suggest personalized exercise routines to help stabilize the spine gradually and increase flexibility in the process. This method is one of the most natural and effective ways of treating the DDD.

Stretching exercise is the most efficient exercise recommended at Advantage Physical Therapy.  Our physical therapists gives personalized stretching exercises that help enhance the flexibility of the spine.

Walking is also highly recommended.

Call one of our highly trained physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy, Kalamazoo, MI, for professional advice and prescription.

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