How Physical Therapy at Advantage PT in Portage, MI Helps Pregnant Women with Pain

Pregnant woman with strong pain of stomachPregnancy is nine months of happiness, certainly! But it’s also nine months of endless questions about your condition.  Almost all pregnant women know the pains of going through pregnancy.

Pain during pregnancy can be bothersome.  It is common and directly related to changes in the body.

The body changes as you go through the pregnancy cycle – your ligaments stretch, your posture changes, your weight changes, all of which can cause intense pain.

The most common among the pains are headaches, pain in the stomach, legs, back, and ligaments.

The small daily pains of pregnancy can quickly become difficult to bear, especially as taking medication is discouraged.

Physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy in Portage, MI, will help answer your questions and give you advice about pregnancy pains.

Ligament Pain

Hormones are released during the time of gestation.  Your ligaments soften and stretch to allow the pelvic bones to move apart.

Swollen ligaments can cause pain in the pubic area, with varying intensity throughout the rest of the pregnancy. These strains may differ from one woman to another, and they can be unbearable for some.

Pain in the pubic area usually ceases at birth, but it is not uncommon for it to persist sometime after childbirth.

Some possible remedies are using a support belt and correcting the posture.

Physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy in Portage, MI, will show you how to get up from the bed, how to go up and down the stairs or take a comfortable posture to bring relief.

Back Pain

backpain4The most common back pains are in the lumbar and cervical regions and the lower back.  The weight of the baby changes the center of gravity of the expectant mother.  The mother usually is obliged to bend to maintain her balance. The lumbar region is then strongly stressed.

The role of a physical therapist in Portage, MI, is vital. His role is to improve the posture and help with some therapeutic exercises to relieve the pain.

The common medications for back pain such as anti-inflammatory drugs are contraindicated.

Abdominal Pain

Any abdominal pain of a pregnant woman should lead to a consultation with a family physician or a gynecologist-obstetrician.

Causes of abdominal pains are numerous.  The causes could be due to the threats of premature birth, the risks of miscarriage, or the existence of an ectopic pregnancy.  Gynecological, intestinal and urinary causes can also be a problem during pregnancy.

Physical therapists at Advantage Physical Therapy in Portage, MI, may advise you to consult a gynecologist for any abnormal abdominal pain.

Leg Pain

Pain, heaviness, tingling, and cramps in the legs – these are symptoms, to what they normally call “heavy legs.”  These symptoms appear from the beginning of pregnancy, and get worse until term and are sometimes, accompanied with varicose veins.

The treatment involves some lifestyle rules: walk at least ½ hour a day, sleep with slightly elevated legs, avoid hot baths and excessive weight gain.

A physical therapist in Portage, MI, will usually work on therapeutic leg massages to ease the pain.


Headaches, even migraines, affect 10% of pregnant women.

Aforementioned is, especially true in the first trimester, as the vast machinery of pregnancy sets in motion. Another aggravating factor is the hormonal changes. Fatigue and stress also contribute to headaches.

Rest, relaxation, and usually, a breath of fresh air are in any case a good way to relieve them. Paracetamol is one of the few drugs authorized to ease a headache or pain.

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