What’s Your Excuses for Not Doing Yoga?

What’s Your Excuse for Not Doing Yoga?

I don’t have time, I’m too busy
Yoga is a way to realize that there is time to accomplish your goals while staying calm and motivated.

I can’t move like that
In every posture, there is a first step. Modifications and options allow every person, no matter how flexible to receive the posture’s benefits. If you think you are not flexible, you may just need to activate your body differently to allow tight parts to relax.

I am intimidated by a large class of people
Private or semi-private sessions are an option! Yoga also gives you the knowledge to apply what you learn in your own time.

I already work out and crave intense, fast paced exercise
Yoga does slow things down a bit. It can increase focus during fast paced, explosive activity and work muscles differently to compliment any physical activity. You may even be surprised at how intense yoga can be!

I’m a man, Yoga is for girls
Yoga was originally practiced by men ONLY. Women weren’t even allowed to study yoga until Indra Devi in 1937.

If any of these apply to you, you are perfect to
practice yoga & wellness…

I am stressed
My body feels unstable or stiff
I sit at a desk all day
I need some peace and quiet
My life is out of whack
My hips are tight. I can’t touch my toes
I’m an athlete
I used to be an athlete
I can’t find time for myself
I want to treat my body well
I feel tired and unmotivated
I can’t balance on one foot
I want to breathe better
I want to be less sedentary
I want to stay moving and living for as long and as well as possible
I want to learn about myself and body
I am awesome and I want to stay that way!

If you answered yes to any of those, then we have classes for you!

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Why Yoga & Wellness?

Create and maintain balance in all parts of life
Become aware and in control of physical/mental patterns
Learn how all aspects in daily life are connected
Use natural remedies and decrease need for medication
Manage stress, increase quality of life

What is yoga and why should I do it?

Through physical postures or asanas, yoga is seen as exercise to increase muscular strength, flexibility, joint stability and balance. What many people do not see is that physical yoga is only a small part of what yoga actually is. Yoga literally means “union”. It is the union of the mind, body and spirit. Practicing yoga means to unite physical work, mental activity and spiritual consciousness in a state of equanimity. This means that no part of a person is disturbed amongst any challenge, excitement or change. Practicing yoga means to follow a path of love, wisdom, right action, and self-control toward enlightenment of the self.

Think of yoga as a vehicle for your body. A properly functioning vehicle has needs to run smoothly through life: a battery, lubrication, a cooling system, fuel and a responsible driver.

  • Proper Breathing is the battery to release, control and utilize potential energy in the vehicle.
  • Proper Exercise provides lubrication to keep the body moving smoothly and pain-free.
  • Proper Relaxation is the cooling system to recharge and prevent the body from overheating.
  • Proper Diet is the fuel providing energy for the body to keep running.
  • Proper Thinking and meditation creates the sane, aware driver to steer the vehicle toward the destination. When the surface of a body of water is still, you can clearly see your reflection. When the mind is still control over our internal or external situation is gained. This is yoga.

So where does asana practice fall into this? Through asana practice you learn awareness of the body and mind’s activity and gain control over them. Then, you can take what you learn on your yoga mat off of it to become happier, healthier and more connected to what you do every day.

What about wellness?

Yoga is certainly a part of wellness. Wellness is the state good physical and mental health in six domains as defined by the National Wellness Institute: occupational, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual. By exploring yoga and wellness a person can empower themselves to reach and maintain their fullest potential and happiest life possible despite any obstacle.

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