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Q: Do I need a prescription for physical therapy from my doctor?

A: Yes; According to California PT practice act, physical therapist must have a prescription to treat weather billing Insurance or not. Two) Nearly all insurances require a physician referral or they will not pay for physical therapy services.

Q: Can I choose where I go for my physical therapy?

A: Yes! You can go anywhere you choose to go. It is your right to choose the facility to entrust your health to. Depending on the facility, they may or may not take your insurance. We are happy to work with you on handling any question you may have regarding your insurance.

Q: How will my doctor know how I’m doing?

A: Your physical therapist will write a progress note before every visit to see him/her. It is imperative that you let us know when your doctors appointments are so that progress notes can be delivered to your doctor. You can do this when signing in for your visit to make note of your next M.D. appointment.

Q: What will my physical therapy consist of?

A: Your doctor and physical therapist will create a personalized therapy program where you will receive one-on-one attention to help return to your daily activities.

Q: What do I wear for my physical therapy sessions?

A: The Following are Specifics for each area of treatment:

Back and Neck: Comfortable loose fitting clothing (sweats, shorts, T-shirts etc.)

Knees: Shorts or sweats: We must be able to see your knees to treat it.

Hands and Wrists: No special clothing required as long as we can see the area we are treating.

Feet and ankles: Its the same as hands and wrists. As long as we can see the area we need to treat then it is safe to wear.

Shoulders: Tank tops are ideal. We do provide gowns for therapy treatments when needed.

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